Station Island Ferry Part II

August 11, 2016

The Staten Island Ferry Part II

Now normally when you disembark from the ferry there is a 20 minute wait for the ferry return. I think they want you to sample all the snack and souvenir shops.

Millie (My fiancé) and I actually decided to hop on the ferry parked next door that was about to leave.

But not to worry on the ride back we enjoyed a breakfast of New York hotdogs and cokes. It was a fun ride back to South Ferry.

Getting off the ship we decided to explore the area. I should mention that some years earlier Millie had worked down here on what is called, “Wall Street”.

Our first stop was the beautiful Trinity Church. Built in 1770 it has been seen in many movies recently (See National Treasure). it also has a famous cemetery beside it with many of our early patriots intern their.  Another amazing thing about the church is that it survived 9/11 untouched while all the buildings surrounding it were partially or totally destroyed.

Our next stop was the 9/11 Memorial. My gosh the two fountains are amazing. Millie and I just stared at the first one for 10 minutes. To fully understand the extent of these 2 fountains, please look them up on line.

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The Station Island Ferry part I

August 11, 2016

The Staten Island Ferry Part I

One of the great site seeing trips to take in NYC and it is free. That’s right you heard me correctly, FREE!

So grab a subway down to the bottom of Manhattan Island. You’ll want to get off at the South Ferry stop, the Ferry Terminal will be right in front of you. Okay a half bock away if you want to be picky.

Getting on the boat is a bit of a free for all, but hey it’s FREE.

So, my fiancé and I make our way up to the top third level balcony at the back of the ship. With a big surge the ship is now underway.

1st Leg- To Staten Island

To our great fortune we meet a man who has brought his son along for the ride. It turns out the man was a retired Long Shore Man who had worked at the docks at Red Hook in Brooklyn.

We had the perfect guide who was able to pint out all the various islands and landmarks as we traveled. As well as some interesting history from his years as a long shore man.

The highlight of course was passing so close to The Beautiful Statue of Liberty. Which I hadn’t seen from the Ferry since I was teenager.


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New Bikes and Busses

August 7, 2016

Bicycles and Buses


If you visit NYC and want to have a good time and exercise as well, rent a bicycle. There are many companies who specialize in this now. Bike Rent, NYC and CitiBike to name a few. Again go on line you will find dozens. The great thing is that NYC has become a bike friendly city. All of the major avenues have bike lanes and Central Park is set up with more bike lanes than car lanes. Having been away from the city for sometime this was a great eco-friendly thing to witness.


As to buses of course there is the New York City Bus system for getting around the city, the subway is also excellent and very safe. And of course there are tour buses that run all over the city, but to me the most interesting and innovative was “The Tour” powered by “The Ride”. This is a special bus that has a clear see thru plastic covering over the entire bus, where everyone sits bleacher style on one side of the bus with complete viewing access to the streets on the opposite side.

It is an amazing innovation developed by Dan Rogoske (It’s Director) who I spoke to over the phone about it’s conception and history.


The 75 minute bus ride stops all over the city. At each stop the passengers are treated to either live performances by Singers, Musicians, Comedians, Ballet Dancers, Actors or break dancers as well sites of famous movies or television shows.


The bus has been stopping everyday in front of my hotel, where a great sax player and wonderful singer have been entertaining the bus from the street.


For more info about this go to


The Wellington Hotel

August 3, 2016

The Wellington Hotel

The Adventures of the Traveling Ballet Master

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I would write about my hotel (the Wellington) later. Well, later is now and I hope I don’t sound like an infomercial, but it really is a great place to stay. Also, I was fortunate enough to get some face time with Lucille Yokell, the hotel’s wonderful Director of Marketing and Communications.

The hotel is actually comprised of three interconnecting buildings, built at different times The first and oldest of the three was constructed over one hundred years ago. It has 515 rooms 85 rooms with kitchenettes. It also has 2 restaurants including a coffee shop (popular with New Yorkers as well) and a cocktail lounge. The acclaimed Greek restaurant, Molyvos, is also adjacent and can be accessed through the lobby. Did I mention that the famous Carnegie Deli is across the street? But more about that later.

Location, location, location. Here is a list of some great places to visit or see in NYC and how close they are to the Wellington Hotel….

Just a Short Walk-

Central Park, Carnegie Hall, City Center, Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Times Square, Broadway Theatre District, Lincoln Center to name a few.

There are many others. I would suggest going on the hotel website.

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UN Elevator

July 29, 2016

The Traveling Ballet Master-

The Elevators to the World-

Staying at the Wellington Hotel on 7th avenue at 55th street has been great. But one of the unexpected surprises to this has been meeting fellow guests in the elevators. Since the first day I would inquire “So where are you all from?”

Now of course there are many tourist from all over the USA and for the most part from these brief conversations I could tell their state of origin based on their US accents.

But what has been really fun has been the over 20 foreign languages represented in my elevator rides.

Here in the order in which I encountered them are the countries represented…

Finland, Ukraine, Pakistan, Mexico, Israel, Wales, Spain, India, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, France, Nicaragua, Estonia, Ireland, Guatemala, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Colombia,Greece, China, Argentina, Australia, Lithuania.

So after asking “So where are you all from?” I would usually take a guess, but man it was not easy. But boy it was fun.

More to come…


July 28, 2016

The Traveling Ballet Master-

A night out with O’Henry.

It’s Wednesday of the 2nd week of teaching at STEPS. I’ve just finished class and my fiancé is there to meet me. Tonight we heading down to Gramercy Park to meet up with her friend at a landmark restaurant called “Pete’s Tavern”.

Pete’s Tavern is the oldest continuously operating restaurant and bar in New York City. It’s a beautiful old fashion wooden and brass bar and the restaurant is filled with hundreds of photos of decades of famous patrons up on the walls. The food was great and very reasonably priced.

One surprise about Pete’s Tavern was that it was a favorite hangout for one of our great American writers, William Sydney Porter, also known as O’Henry.

His most famous story, “The Gift of the Magi” was penned from his favorite boothin Pete’s Tavern. Which is across the street from where he lived in beautiful Gramercy Park.

More to come…

Food in the City

July 27, 2016

The Traveling Ballet Master-

It’s was suggested to me that while I was in New York and obviously needing to eat, that I speak a bit on that subject.

New York has hundreds of wonderful restaurants both large and small, expensive and not. And of course the variety is almost unlimited. You name it and you can more likely than not find it.

In my case I’m on a budget and most of my choices have been limited to a 25 block (55th to 80th Streets} radius on the west side. But in a city like New York that still leaves a huge selection. And don’t forget about the food trucks.

So here are a few suggestions…

  • Whole Foods at Columbus Circle.- Take the escalator down into Whole Foods and you will find inside the store the Genji Sushi Bar. The Selection is great and includes non maki items, including large delicious salads.
  • Santa Fe on 71st off of Columbus Ave. Great Tex-Mex food as well as voted Best Margarita by New York Magazine.
  • Papaya King– 72st and Bway. Grab the two Hotdog and papaya drink special anytime day or night.
  • Carnegie Deli– 55th and 7th . Amazing sandwiches! Try the corn beef on rye bread. Share it with a friend, the sandwiches are huge.

 Pier One Café- At 70th and Riverside Park South. An outdoor café with great food and drink on the river, Also complete with dramatic and beautiful sunsets.

Another fun thing to do is bring some take out for a lovely lunch at the pond in Central Park that is across from the Plaza Hotel.