Day 3

Woke today feeling a little more like I knew what time it was but I wasn’t so sure about the day. But I’ll take what I can get.
Had another wonderful breakfast with Reiko and Yoshihiro. Wasn’t sure what everything was, but hey, that’s why I’m here. Yuko called during our meal. She was very excited. She had gotten a tremendous amount of positive feed back from the students and parents. One set of parents wanted to give me a gift of Kobe-like roast beef and some equal amount of raw horsemeat. I thought I had misunderstood but it was explained to me that both were rare and very expensive delicacies. Turns out I would have both without knowing it at the 4 star resort I was to visit on the day off, but more about that later.
So, I spent the morning trying organizing my notes and to get them e-mailed off to Margaret Faust my friend and editor for this travel log. Easier said then done. I was not able to get a signal for my computer; the Nakamura Family computer was of the bi-lingual kind and had the bad habit of randomly switching to Japanese characters when I used it. My notes were all written long hand on a legal pad and I suck as a typist. But finally got things worked out using a USB port thing and transferring my stuff to the Japanese computer.
Off to lunch with Yoshihiro… Today we went to a small restaurant just down the street. For lunch we had what I could best describe as hushpuppies filled with octopus and scallions with some pork noodles on the side. Perfect I thought, not too filling. Not to be, as we finish Yoshihiro points behind the counter to the grill where some sort of giant pancake batter-based cake is being assembled. The chef tops it off with bacon and cheese and heads towards us. Okay, it was probably my own fault for pointing to the picture of it on the menu and pantomiming, “Gee, what is that”. Also with my limited vocabulary I have not learned the words for, “Okay enough. I’m full, really!”
Did I mention that Yoshihiro, though retired was fit and trim. He also has the appetite of a grizzly coming out of hibernation! Nuff said…. Off to class!
Today classes went even better than the first day. The students were a bit more relaxed, their very determined faces even showing signs of the occasional smile; it was a beautiful thing to see. They were all getting up on their legs now, so it was time to get them moving. As I explained to them thru Yuko’s translation, “Nobody goes to the Ballet to watch dancers not move!” With that in mind I had them flying across the floor in ways they had probably not as yet imagined. We attached the following Pointe Class with the same sort of zest. In that class I even added some longer, more variation like combinations to challenge them even more. The students rose wonderfully to the occasion. We finished again with the usual applause and bows, as I was heading for the door three of the smaller advanced students came running over and presented me with a large box of Godiva Chocolate. I may need a second seat on the flight home!
Yuko and her parents now took me to one of those conveyor belt Sushi restaurants for dinner. I had been to a couple in the states but nothing like this. The items were beautifully presented with a variety of fish I had not experienced before. Thank god Yuko was in on this meal and could explain what everything was. I tried everything, though I have to admit I passed on the raw chicken. Just could not rap my western sensibilities around that one. On my way home I unfortunately experienced some stomach pain. Nice way to say, “Shotgun blast upper abdomen”. Note to self- stop trying to eat as fast as your hosts, slow down, drink water eat fiber, live to teach another day,….Nuff said! Oyasuminasai or Good Night (Don’t worry I can barely say it either.)


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