Day 5

Woke up early this morning and stepped out on the balcony to admire the beautiful view of the Asorenzan mountain range. Yoshi Won Kenobi (I had renamed Yoshihiro after the final sake the night before) and I head down to a wonderfully international breakfast in the German Restaurant. I then had time for a quick 20 minutes of waters at the spa and we hit the road for Fukuoka.
On the drive I was able to listen to music that I needed to for up coming new ballets for UNLV and Boca Ballet Theatre. Stopping at a different rest stop on the way home I did see my first non-Japanese person and a Japanese Starbucks. Both made me a little home sick.
We got home in plenty of time to drop off our bags and head over to the studio for my afternoon classes. Today I planned on focusing on pirouettes and traveling jumps. The students were challenged to move in and out of common pirouettes in uncommon ways. As to the traveling jumps, we moved thru a series of very difficult yet achievable combinations. The more senior students faired very well, the junior students will need a little work in this area. Yuko and I agreed to have a meeting tomorrow to discuss how to improve the students training over all.
After the usual applause and bows some of the students again caught me on my way out the door, this time with some even more unusual and elaborate gifts (A fellow could get use to this). One young lady with her Grandmother in tow presented me with the most beautiful mask., the kind worn in traditional Japanese dance. Turns out, the grandmother who had watched every class, was a teacher of this form. The other gifts involved gourmet food and sweets. Could not get a proper translation for “Wow” but did my best to show my gratitude.
At our dinner that night we feasted on gourmet Yellowtail, Basashi (Thin sliced raw horse) and Kagoshima (Thin slice gourmet roast beef). Amazing and from what they told me very expensive.
Off to bed.


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