Day 6

I woke early this morning and headed outside for my nicotine fix. To my delight, I was greeted with a light falling snow, the flakes as big as breakfast corn flakes (Got to get food off the brain). I found out later that it rarely snows in this part of Japan and the Japanese reaction to even this light frosting was similar to the way Americans in Georgia and the Carolinas react to the same (Not well). For me it made the whole backyard outdoor slipper thing kind of messy. Could I just wear my shoes once in awhile?
This afternoon Yuko and I meet before class to discuss notes that I have been taking on how she can improve on her training methods for the students. I have been a guest teacher in hundreds of places over the years and this is the first time I was ever asked my opinion specifically on how to make things better (welcome to Japan). We basically divided our discussions into two parts:
1) How to improve the student’s techniques.
2) How to improve upon her business model.

As to the latter we discussed studio size, demographics and on-line advertising efforts. To the former we discussed specific placement and combination techniques as well as musicality and the ability to think outside the box.
So for the classes today I took an extremely long time with the barre work. Trying my best to catch every issue I could with in the student’s body placement and approach to the basic technique. Yuko did a lot of translating and I think the students really started to understand that there is a mental approach to the Ballet Technique, not just a physical one.
After class Yuko’s husband, Kuzuki joined us, we went to a restaurant specializing in Japanese Barbeque.
Night All!


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