Day 7

Woke up late this morning. Did I mention that there was an NFL playoff football came on last night from midnight to 2:30 am? ….Nuff Said! At noon today we were suppose to go visit a famous outdoor Japanese temple, but unfortunately the snow had come again. I resigned myself to work I had to do on this Blog and other upcoming choreographic projects when Yuko called and invited us over for a late lunch. As a student I had never know Yuko to be much of a cook, but her mother informed me in her broken English that that had all changed. So off we went to Yuko’s apartment, which was about 15 minutes away by car. It was a lovely third story place with a nice view of the neighborhood. Her mother was right; we had a delightful soup and rice dish lunch. As they were cleaning up I took advantage to go downstairs and visit the local corner 7/11. Just like the rest stop on the highway, the 7/11 was not like home..think of Dorothy in Kansas. Instead of bad coffee or day old hotdogs (Was kind of hopping for the hotdogs), it had great fresh food, plus wrapped sushi and tempura. Yuko, Reiko and Yoshihiro came downstairs and we all drove off to do a little shopping. I had asked to be taken to some places in search of gifts to take home.
That afternoon at class I took a different track with the students. Having spent the day before laboring over so many points I went for speed and musicality today. Having discussed this with Yuko and the pianist before class, I did the entire barre without comment and with an increasing speed to each combination. The idea was for the students to have processed the information from earlier days and to not think but just do it. For the following Pointe Class, I had worked out with the pianist to use more contemporary musical selections. Yet they were still applied to the classical technique. The students I think were physically and now mentally tired from our efforts this week. But hey…. they were still smiling after!
Home to another great meal and some special Sake that Yoshihiro pulled out of the cabinet behind the pantry.
Night All


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