Day 8

Free day today …I’m off by Train with Yuko for Fukuoka City. We are traveling first by commuter train to the equivalent of Grand Central Station and then by subway to our first stop Fukuoka Tower. Fukuoka is the 3rd largest city in Japan and interestingly enough, is very similar to Chicago in the states. After negotiating all the trains we walked about 8 blocks through very modern architecture to the Tower. It is currently the tallest structure in Fukuoka and flanked by two of the larger television stations on either side. It is very futuristic in its glass and steel construction with a large communication needle tower at the top. From the observation tower you have an amazing view of the city and the ocean. We didn’t stay long; we needed to head to Center City where Yuko’s husband was meeting us for drinks and dinner. The Center City area was quite amazing. Beside all the lights and Gucci type stores, there were three major department stores. It’s like Macy’s had two bigger sisters.
We hooked up with Kuzuki and head first to a 13th floor atrium bar and American style cocktails. I had something called a “Russian Frog”, vodka ginger ale and lime; quite refreshing! It was nice to have sometime to chat with Kuzuki. He does not speak English, but had prepared a short toast that he read from a paper in very good English. We were able to talk and enjoy the entire evening thanks to Yuko’s translations.
Next stop: Restaurant Hachibay. This restaurant was famous for it’s Hakata cuisine that basically is beef stomach, liver and intestines. It’s served in a soup with garlic shoots. Got to say it was amazingly tasty. Yuko and Kuzuki were excellent hosts and led me through the complicated meal. If you are keeping score I think the only thing I have not had on this trip involves goat.
After dinner we had a nice walk through the shopping district and the subway and train ride seemed to fly by.
Enjoying a coke with ice and now off to bed.


5 Responses to Day 8

  1. Phyllis Sultzbach says:

    I am enjoying your blog. Never visiting this beautiful country, I have enjoyed your take on it. As wonderfully creative as you are, your spelling is a mess. I admire your bravery when it comes to food. There is no way I could deal with some of the things you have eaten. HEHE Enjoy the rest of your stay. Oh by the way, I would love to see pictures. Maybe if not here, you could post on facebook when you come home. Enjoy.

    • Hey Phyllis
      I’ll have to check whether they put up the edit or unedited first 9 days. I have an editor margaret Faust with 2 english degrees so the spelling should be okay. But yes, My spelling does suck.

  2. Hey Chris, Great to hear from you and love your blog and as far as the spelling your a guy who lives in this generation and the way these kids spell with all the short cuts you are a far better speller then they are so don’t worry about that . As long as we get the idea it dosen’t matter. Have fun hope to see U Soon. Hey you might even start a new trend in writing words the haven’t stared yet. :-))

  3. Hey Chris (None) I was only kidding, someone wrote about your spelling in one of the comments and was referring to that. I didn’t read all the days but what I read I didn’t see any misspelled words. 🙂

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