“Day 9”

The Traveling Ballet Master- Day 9 (Saturday) – Japan

Went shopping this morning in the hopes of finding a pretty robe to take back to my girlfriend. But, after four different stores I was becoming very discouraged. It seems the kind of robe that I was looking for is only sold in the spring. I could have picked up a large ceremonial type kimono but the sheer size and cost would have proved to be a problem, unless of course I was willing to purchase an extra seat on the plane for it.  Nuff said!

Today before class I talked about my summer course in Philadelphia with the students and their parents. Then we went to work. I decided to make class fun today. The students had worked very hard all week and needed a reminder that if you can’t enjoy ballet it’s really not worth all the struggle.

At home tonight I will try and enter this day into my blog myself. My friend and NYCB alumni, Douglas Hay had set everything up for me. Lets see if I can manage not to screw it up.

Had a wonderful dinner at home tonight, featuring Beef Curry and Yellowtail Sashimi. Have learned more from Yuko’s Mother, Reinko about Japanese home cooking than I care to mention. Can’t wait to get back to the states and try out my new information.

Time to try the blog thing out. If you are seeing this entre then I succeeded. If not, then time for bed.

Best                                                                                                               The Traveling Ballet Master


One Response to “Day 9”

  1. Chris you are doing fine and I am really enjoying your blog and trust me you could be an international writer and travel the world and write about it. Maybe A Reality Show would work? Keep up the good work and hope you can post some pics. when you get home. I can’t stop laughing at some of your posts and I don’t know how you managed to fly for so long without a cigarette, I probably would have set the smoke alarm off in the airplane. Good Luck and keep writing can’t wait for your next entry. Brian

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