“Day 10 Japan”

The Traveling Ballet Master – Day 10 (Sunday) – Japan
Warm sunny day today, of course, I’m leaving tomorrow. Got to get organized, not sure where I’m going to put the 48 pounds of raw fish or is that 48 kilos, no matter. Feeling a little strange today, it’s kind of like I have already left. Granted tomorrow I will be flying seven thousand miles to Washington DC and then another three thousand via Los Angeles to Las Vegas (Got to get a new travel agent). But somehow I feel like I’m already gone. I guess your spirit always knows when something is over and it’s time to move on to the next adventure. The other part of my spirit is of course wondering how I’m going to survive 10,000 air miles on 4 flights with out going insane. Nuff said!
Class today was a public event, lots of visitors and much celebration. Wish I had known I would have worn my clown suit. All kidding aside the classes were actually very productive and the fruit of my trip here was seen in the improvement the student have made. After there was a lot of picture taking and wonderful gifts presented. Like I said before, “A fellow could get use to this.”
Back at the house I was treated to a huge sashmi dinner. Featuring raw Flounder, Sea Bass and Yellow Tail (The good kind, what ever that means). I presented the family with a lot of chocolate as my gift to them and we all had a wonderful time.
I will need to get to bed early tonight, my wake up call is 4:00am. My trip here has been wonderful and plans are in the works for me to return. I had always wanted to visit Japan and I am very grateful for the chance to do just that.
My next stop is the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I will arrive their tomorrow after crossing the international dateline and flying for 20 hours. I will be in residence their for the next 10 days teaching and creating a new ballet for the Dance Department. I will be off line tomorrow I think. But should be able to pick up with Day 1 in Las Vegas on Monday night or Tuesday.
Sayonara from Japan.


5 Responses to “Day 10 Japan”

  1. Keep those arms flappin!!
    Love u NR

  2. Rosemary Battista says:

    I love the name…traveling ballet master! Enjoyed following the adventures so far!

  3. Phyllis Sultzbach says:

    What an amazing trip. I think you might have culture shock going from the beauty of Japan to Las Vegas. Only in this business could you go to such different extremes in a day or two. Have a wonderful adventure. I have enjoyed reading about it.

  4. Gizella Witkowsky says:

    O tsu ka re sa ma deshta !!! ( Good work ! )
    I enjoyed reading that immensely – and yes I read all the pages…what fun.
    Talk about an “American in Japan” …very funny.
    Glad you had such a successful trip -“May it open many other doors Grasshopper !”
    Talk to you soon…(I will send you Fibre)..hee hee.
    XO Miss Gizi

  5. Hey Gizella
    I’m moving on to my next destination, VEGAS!

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