“Day 2 – Las Vegas – UNLV

The Traveling Ballet Master – Day 2 – Las Vegas UNLV
Woke up this morning thinking I was still in Japan. It was dark and raining out side. Raining! What was this? It never rained in any of the movies I had seen about Vegas (Being here now I’m confident with using the short term for the city of Las Vegas.). I scrambled into the kitchen and was handed a strong cup of coffee from Peter. Peter is one of those cool friends who knew not to talk to you until after you have had “Coffee”. “Coffee” ritual complete off we went to UNLV for my two morning classes.
The classes went well and I loved my pianist, Albania (Spelling probably incorrect) I was taken back to Peter’s for a break and some lunch. I would go back to the University to meet the cast for the new Ballet I was choreographing for their Spring Concert.
I had labored over what to create for the Dance Department and had finally settled on using Paul Schoenfield’s Suite called “Café Music”. I was fortunate that former soloist from Nevada Dance Theatre, Cooper Rust would be my principle female dancer.
The rehearsal went very well and I was able to complete three minutes of the Ballet. I will talk more about working in a University situation in the days to come.
My Best
Traveling Ballet Master


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