“Day 3 – Las Vegas – UNLV

The Traveling Ballet Master – Day 3 – Las Vegas UNLV
This morning’s classes were at a bit of a lower level than I was used to. But the students responded well and I enjoyed myself. I find the best way to deal with all the different situations that you encounter when guest teaching is to just do it. If you can engage the students no matter the level, then everyone wins. Nuff Said!
Ran home to get some lunch and a nap. It was still raining which is very unusual for Vegas and my jet lag still had me wondering what day it was.
Woke up about 5:00pm from the nap. It was dark and raining outside, which again was very disorienting. Thank god my rehearsal was not till 7:00pm. Another thing that is different with working within the university system. Your rehearsals are in the evening instead of during the day.
Tonight’s rehearsal was difficult, some of the ladies were having calf problems and our process got slowed down a bit. We pushed ahead but it was a struggle. The good news was I had finished the first movement and really only needed the principles tomorrow.
More to come,
Good night from the Traveling Ballet Master


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