“Day 4- Las Vegas – UNLV”

The Traveling Ballet Master – Day 4– Las Vegas UNLV
Have not really had a chance to see much of Las Vegas. With 2 classes a day and rehearsals in the late afternoon and evening, work has been the thing. Getting back into the US with a number of projects coming up and the three hour time difference between here and the east coast days have been confined to work and more work. This happens a lot when you travel as much as I do. You have a great time in one city and everything and everybody catches up to you in the next city, especially if you have been a broad with little or no cell phone service. Being paid to do what you love and traveling the world because of it, is both exciting and a bit lonely. Now if I could bring my lovely girlfriend and our amazing puppy dog with me then I would probably never leave the travels. But unfortunately, that is not the case.
At UNLV I have Finished the first movement and now have rehearsal to start the second movement which is a “Pas de Deux”. This will be a tough work, the female dancers is a former soloist from Nevada Ballet Theatre. Her partner is a very inexperienced young man, new to the dance world.
Making things work is my job, training dancers as I go along is also part of that job.
More about this tomorrow.
My best


2 Responses to “Day 4- Las Vegas – UNLV”

  1. Nina says:

    I am sure it will be fabulous!! They will look gorgeous and the piece will be everyone’s favorite. Good luck with all your travels.

  2. Thanks Nina
    How is California?

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