“Days 5 6 7 – Las Vegas”

The Traveling Ballet Master – Day 5 6 7– Las Vegas UNLV Due to some problems with a number of upcoming projects I needed to combine the writing of my next 3 days in Las Vegas. It was not ideal for me but even a “Traveling Ballet Master” in these economic times must attend to certain situations when they call. Nuff Said!
To pick off were we left off yesterday… Classes over the next 3 days went well. As to the ballet that I have been creating that also went very well. As I mentioned before the second movement (Pas de Deux) was very challenging. I had a beautiful former soloists ballerina from Nevada Ballet Theatre, now a dance major at UNLV and a willing but inexperience male partner. The first day of rehearsal with them actually went very well. I have been teaching Pas de Deux class for a number of years and was very use to training inexperienced males in that very important art. It is more difficult when you are trying to create a new piece. You start to move thru the choreographic creation but then must stop your self to consider what the dancers are capable of. In the beginning this can sort of fun. In the second day it becomes more of a challenge. But there is never any reason to let that get in your way, as I reminded myself before starting on the second day.
Got to see a bit of the famous Las Vegas this weekend. On Friday evening my stepmother and her husband were in town and staying at a relatively new Hotel in Henderson, Nevada (10 minutes from Las Vegas) called the “Resort M”. It was a beautiful hotel with an amazing steakhouse restaurant that we had dinner in. The restaurant raises their own cattle in Montana and they have their own vineyards in California.
The Next evening my hosts took me to a restaurant called “Red Square” at one of the other resort casinos were I not only won a couple of hundred dollars at the roulette table, but feasted on caviar and vodka served on block ice serving trays. You have to love Vegas sometimes.
I went to have dinner my last night at Cesar’s Palace with my Stepmother. It was great spending time with her and her husband Malcolm. They were going to see the Bette Midler show that evening. Cesar’s Palace to me was like a bad drug trip designed by a 60’s Hollywood set designer. I kept thinking if archaeologists dig this place up in 2 thousand years they will think Romans had occupied this part of the United States.
To all a goodnight.


2 Responses to “Days 5 6 7 – Las Vegas”

  1. Phyllis Sultzbach says:

    How much longer are you in vegas? It sounds like it is going well. I love the last couple of lines of your blog. It is an interesting place drop there out of nowhere Vegas is. Congrats on your winnings. Do you have another adventure after this?

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