“The Traveling Ballet Master – Another Traveling Day”

“The Traveling Ballet Master – Another Traveling Day”
Traveling today into tomorrow should get very interesting. I start the morning with two ballet classes at UNLV. Head back to my guesthouse to pack, then come back to the university for two hours of rehearsal. After that I run back to my guesthouse for some dinner and to grab my bags. Head to Vegas airport for an 11:30pm “Redeye” flight to Detroit, connecting to Baltimore. At Baltimore Airport I get picked up and head to Goucher College for a “Faculty Retreat”. Finishing that I was taken to the train station for the Amtrak local to Philadelphia and finally home for dinner. I really need a new travel agent. Nuff Said!
On the bright side I was able to start the 3rd movement of my piece for UNLV. I will finish it on my return trip to Vegas in 6 days. The creation of the final movement of a ballet is always a lot of fun. The pressure is off and usually the dancers have a pretty good idea what to expect from you. Interestingly enough the committee that I was to be a part of the next day at the Goucher College “Faculty Retreat” was focused on student’s expectations from the professors and professor’s expectations from the students.
I found the whole discussion to be very interesting. In life, work and even ballet things move a lot smoother if everyone has some idea of what is expected of them and what they can expect from others. It is of course not always the case in our lives. But I think it would be worth it to all of us to try.

Jet lagged but my best,
The Traveling Ballet Master


2 Responses to “The Traveling Ballet Master – Another Traveling Day”

  1. really enjoy reading about your journey Chris. will you ever get back to Philly? Don’t go fri I think they could be in for a big snow!! (“Nuff said”)
    Love You

  2. Got home for 36hrs. Now back on the road.

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