“Tampa – 3-day Weekend – Continued a bit more”

“Tampa – 3-day Weekend – Continued a bit more”
So, continuing on with the “Gasparilla Festival” (did I mention it was raining). Off we go after the actual invasion to the parade route. Thank god for Buffy’s husband Joe, whose ability to procure food and drink was 2nd to none. We sat for a long time in our bleacher seats. Again Buffy was on our every need. She had brought along a bag of ponchos for each of us (did I mention it was raining). The Parade route is at least 4 miles long and thanks to Richard and Sharon Sanchez we all had beautiful seats at the end of the Parade route. Unfortunately we waited about 2 hours for the parade to finally get started. We did become friends with a large group of Japanese students who shared our bleacher with us.
The City of Tampa had decided that this was the year that they would crack down on the alcohol that people could bring to the parade and to have a large police presence to keep public drunkenness and urination down to a minimum. You could only buy beer at the “Bud Light” stations (Nice Corporate deal, go figure)
Also there was a strict ban on women raising their shirts to show their chests, so that pirates riding on the floats would throw plastic beads to them. From our reserved bleacher seats on the parade route you could see police personnel stationed every 30 feet. I felt much safer, god forbid some woman might flash her breast and expect me to throw her some plastic beads (did I mention it was raining).
The Parade finally arrived and I have to admit it was a lot of fun. (did I mention we had been sitting in the rain fro 2 hours) Though I have to say, unlike the Rose Bowl Parade. I believe that some of the women on the floats are being paid by the pound. It might explain the need for semi-trucks instead of just pick-up trucks to pull the floats. Also I have lived in Tampa and there are incredible beautiful women in the Tampa Bay area. I guess they were not invited. Nuff Said!
On the other side of the coin The Pirate Krews do a lot of charity work and are certainly committed to a better community. If they want to let their hair down once a year more power to them. It also explains to me better why this Ballet Performance Charity Event is so important to my sponsors and for me to be a part of. So for those of you who would like to find out more information about this production and the valuable charities that it supports. If you are on Face Book go to “Gaspar Ballet – a Pirate Fantasy”.
I next return to Philadelphia for 3 days, then back to Las Vegas and UNLV to finish up my piece there.
My Best,


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