The Traveling Ballet Master”- The art of Partnering

“The Traveling Ballet Master”- The art of Partnering
The Art of Partnering is very hard to describe and for a non-dance person difficult to understand. Part of the problem is that when it is done at it’s best you don’t see it. Dance is an athletic endeavor where you never see the effort. Partnering at it’s best is even more elusive than that.
Dancers train as individual artists. But they train in a group situation called “Class”. Which is already a unique experience. What other individual athlete do you know who trains in a group, yet works to achieve excellence alone. Welcome to the wide world of Ballet.

So the Art that is called Partnering is even more elusive to describe. It might be easier to identify it with what you see on the stage. A beautiful Ballerina steps on to the stage. She takes a step; suddenly, she is lifted thru the air by her male partner and a beautiful thing occurs. This is a Pas de Deux (Dance for two). The skills required to complete this act on stage have become harder to find. The reason; Partnering is not taught to students both male and female enough these days.
I had arranged at UNLV to teach “Partnering Class” along with the other class in my residency and it helped with the ballet that I choreographed for their Spring Program.
If Male Dancers can understand how important partnering skills are to their general skill set. Then the world will be treated to more beautiful presentations of dance.
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