Long Island Ballet Theatre

Long Island Ballet Theatre
For the last year I have been working with an organization in Huntington, Long Island. The organization operated under a different name over the last 10 years and in moving forward in the last year has changed it name and intention to Long Island Ballet Theatre. The mission is to create a professional Ballet Company in Long Island, NY.
In European Countries there are hundreds of Opera Houses. Each one has an Opera Company, an Orchestra and a Ballet Company.
Dance pioneers founded Ballet Companies in America with a vision for dance in their communities.
My mother, Barbara Riggins along with her brother (my uncle), Kip Watson founded “Southern Ballet Theatre” in Orlando, Florida, which is now The Orlando Ballet.
In Long Island, Joan Albright is this same kind of visionary. She wants Long Island to have it’s own Ballet Company.
So, this week I have dancers from all over the country doing new and old works of mine for this gala.
There is nothing more beautiful in this world than watching dancers in rehearsal. In rehearsal you see the process that creates the art that you see on stage. A performance is just that. The work is the art.
More about the Gala .
But, my thanks to those that do my work.
My Best
The Traveling Ballet Master


One Response to Long Island Ballet Theatre

  1. Wally Harper says:

    All the best for success! I see on an almost daily basis how wonderful the Orlando Ballet has become over the 36 years since your mom and Kip started it. And always great to see them at events around Orlando.

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