Easter in Huntsville, Alabama:

Easter in Huntsville, Alabama:
Been on the road a lot lately and it was fun to spend Easter with old friend and Director of Huntsville Ballet Phil Otto and his lovely wife Rachel. Huntsville is an interesting city. In the end of World War II when we and the Russians were grabbing up German rocket scientists, we placed all of our brilliant new German immigrants in the city of Huntsville, which, is now the U.S. capital for rocket development that includes the space program and the military. Consequently, the city probably holds more PHD’s per capita than any other city in the nation. Driving from the airport there is actually a full scale Apollo Rocket in front of their areonomics museum and visible for miles in any direction from the highway. Go figure.
Next week, Huntsvlle Ballet will present it’s spring performance featuring a pas de deux of mine, again featuring the two wonderful Dayton dancers Erika Cole and Justin Koertgan. Also on the program are Phil’s new production of Firebird and his wife’s staging of the classic Pequita. I worked with Huntsville Ballet pre and professional dancers last summer and it was nice to see the amazing improvement that they were showing.
Although I have to admit that with my daughter fully grown and working on her own dancing career, it was fun attending Phil’s son’s little league home opener and helping Rachel prepare the Easter baskets. Their daughter even left a plate of carrots for the sweet treat-bringing bunny. They were tasty. ‘Nuff said.
Yours truly,
The Traveling Bunny Master


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