Performances of “Alice in Wonderland”

Performances of “Alice in Wonderland”
Back in Long Island.
This week’s Performances of “Alice” are going great!
(My thanks to all who participated both on and off the stage.)

Today and tomorrow in Long Island, Long Island Ballet Theatre premiered my new “Alice in Wonderland”.

As I have said, I had not created something like this in awhile and was glad to see it work. Wrapping you head around a narrative that comes from another medium is always a challenge. Especially in so much as we work in a non-verbal Art Form.

The Art of making ballets is a tricky thing at best. There is so much to draw from. You can create a narrative, you can adapt a narrative, you can be inspired by a particular piece of music, you can be inspired by a painting, a poem, a historical event or from the money being offered by a lucrative commission. Or sometimes you just create something because the need inside you is so strong that that is what you need to do.

Then it becomes about bringing that product to market.
(Are you getting tired yet?)

Are we Art or are we Entertainment?
And what is Art? And what is Entertainment? And aren’t they one in the same.
(Obviously, another discussion)

I’ve been fortunate in my life to have had been offered advise from many older working Artists in many fields of endeavors.

To summarize from these Gifted Persons:
“Keep working at the craft. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it will be great”
“Let them figure out after you’re dead whether it is Art or not”

Nuff Said!
My Best
The Traveling Ballet Master


4 Responses to Performances of “Alice in Wonderland”

  1. Nina says:

    Don’t we hope that the art is entertainment??? Anyhoo, hope that you are doing well. Merde, merde, merde for all of your upcoming shows. Ciao bello! xoxox

  2. Kat Buck says:

    As Lewis Carroll points out so eloquently, “I sometimes think six impossible things before breakfast.” Life is Art and Art can be didactic, entertaining, and exhausting…but it would never amount to a full scale production unless two or more people believe in the impossible. Congrats on bringing a classic to a whole new audience:)

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