San Juan, Puerto Rico and Ballet Concierto

San Juan, Puerto Rico and Ballet Concierto

Philadelphia to San Juan, Puerto Rico almost 4 hours to reach our eastern most US Commonwealth and boy was it worth the trip.

Little Background on this trip;
About 5 months ago Ballet Concierto’s Artistic Director, Carlos Cabrera had contacted me about creating a new ballet for the Company’s Fall Anniversary Performances. I had done a ballet almost 10 years ago for the Company that had been very successful and they were hoping to bring me back.
Unfortunately, I was not available in the fall. So he wondered if I could come at the end of May. I knew my deadline to finish The “Alice in wonderland” I would be working on was before that, and “Alice” then had 2 weeks of just rehearsal before the performance and I would be back in time for the performance week, so I said, yes.

I was a little nervous with only a week to create a new work for Ballet Concierto. The music for the piece I had in mind was 3 movements and about 17 minutes long. Not a long piece really, but I had not seen the Company in 10 years and was a bit worried that they would be able to pick up new material in a speedy manor.

In our business these days, “Time is Money” as I have discussed before in this blog.

Carlos assured me that everything would be fine. He sent me a video, which showed the range of the company. I did ask if I could teach Company Class for the first few days as well.

Teaching class for me, gives me an hour and a half alone with the dancers. During this time before we start rehearsing is invaluable to figure out everything I need to know, especially in a new situation. You can see how people work and what they are capable of very quickly, if you know what to look for. Heck sometimes you can just see it in there eyes.

So, here I am at the end of Day Four very excited by what we have accomplished.

The piece is finished, we will do some cleaning and clarifying tomorrow and Saturday I get to go to the beach.

Ballet Concierto is a wonderful Company. The dancers are talented, musical and fast to learn new choreography. The Artistic Director, Carlos (Whom I now call friend) has a strong sense of history and a vision of where the company is going. He cares about the art form and his dancers. What more could a choreographer ask for?

The Performance for this piece is not until October (2010) so I will write more about this as things develop.

Sitting by the pool right now at The Ambassador Hotel, awaiting my Pina Colada. Nuff Said

My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


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