USA IBC 1st Day (Part One)

USA IBC 1st Day (Part One)

First full day in Jackson, Mississippi. Everyone is getting acquainted and finding their way. The Marriott Hotel is filled with a couple of hundred people; ballet teachers, ballet coaches, ballet students, ballet directors, judges for the competition, class pianists, fans of the competition and some regular people just staying at the hotel for the weekend.
Did I mention it is very hot here?

So the chaos continued all afternoon: missing luggage, cancelled flights,
airport pick ups, mistaken identities, room problems, clearing up schedules and everyone figuring out where the theatre and facilities are. Did I mention it is very hot and humid here?

Downtown Jackson, like many state capitols, is shut down on the weekends: a bit of a ghost town. But the host families here are excellent and they help you with anything you need. If you don’t know this you could wander around downtown Jackson for awhile before you realize that there is not a lot open.
Did I mention it is very, very hot and very humid here?

Wishing to god I had a seersucker suit or could actual wear some sort of flowing desert robes. I headed off to the theatre and the “Opening Ceremony” rehearsals.

My Best,

Traveling Ballet Master


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