USA IBC Transition Day

USA IBC Transition Day

Today is the transition day.
“Round One” is over, the guest dance company, “Philadanco”, performs tonight at the theatre.

Early this morning the Competition Notice was posted. It was a large group that was eliminated for “Round Two” and obviously a difficult decision for the Jury.

I went off to teach class this morning for the competitors and I knew it was going to be a challenge to keep everyone up , focused and having fun.
Without looking at any list. You could tell from the dancer’s body language as they entered the building whether they have made the cut or not.
There was one young lady from the USA that I talked to before the class that I had to just give her a big hug to get her in to the building.

Thanks to the inspired playing of pianist, Steven Mitchell and my own efforts, The Competitor’s Class was great. All the dancers got into it and forgot their future stress or recent disappointment.

Later in the afternoon “Evaluation Sessions” started and went very well. There were some tears, but for the most part the sessions were positive and productive.
Remember, some of these dancers have worked months to be here.
But not to worry, there are still many opportunities for these dancers to be seen and Artistic Directors are arriving daily to look for good dancers.

Gotta’ get some rest now, long day tomorrow.
Promise to tell the story of the 5 judges trapped in a elevator soon.

My Best.


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  1. hurry up on the elevator story!

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