I taught the last of my 3 Master Classes for the competitors yesterday morning. With Steven at the piano, we all had a great time. The 75 dancers who took the class were all in great form.

We are now into the 2nd Round. In this round the remaining competitors will present themselves in a short piece of contemporary choreography. They can either do a solo or a Pas de Deux.

This round is even more difficult for the Judges because it is so much more subjective. Every competitor will be dancing something different.

In this round a dancer may dance well, but if the choreography is not good or at least interesting then that competitor may score lower. It is very important for the dancer to chose not only competent choreographers. But also for those choreographers to understand their dancers and that this is in fact a competition. Choices in music and costuming are also very important.

When I was here 4 years ago I had created solos for 2 junior competitors who won Gold and Silver Medals respectively. Now part of what helped
them was that I had created contemporary pieces for them that were creative, artistic and showed them off. Also I had been one of their primary teachers and knew them well.

So, I was going to tell you about the 5 Judges who were stuck in an elevator for … Opps, hey sorry gotta’ go – My driver just arrived to take me to the theatre…

My best


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