End of Round Two- USA IBC

End of Round Two- USA IBC

So Round II ended tonight. The Jury will now deliberate and tomorrow the last set of eliminations will be posted. During this round we saw a lot of very good dancers, some performing in wonderful contemporary pieces other unfortunately did not have that pleasure. We will see tomorrow what the judges decide.

Now I have gotten a lot of e-mails about the story of the 5 judges.
I decided to get the story from the an eyewitness who was there when they finally got the people out of the elevator.

Here is the Story of 5 Judges trapped in an elevator by eyewitness and Russian Teacher, Tatiana…

– “Eta istoria kak juri zastrali v lifte… eto bylli Alexey, Frank, Bruce and Bruce, E Thomas i Odin gentlmen is otelya. Oni bylli tam pol chasa bez vozduha, bez vody, bez yedy, bez A/C. Thomas zahotel v tualet, postaronnih gost zvonil svoiey jene: on byl ispugan do smerti, potomuchto Thomas stal demonstirovat’ tehniku “Bournonvill”-ya russkomu predstavitelyu. Nakonec oni nashli knopku dlya “Hotel Security” I oni pomogli im vypolzli iz lifta.”

So, that’s the story and now on to the next round.

My best
The Traveling Ballet Master.


2 Responses to End of Round Two- USA IBC

  1. Now I have to find a translator? Well I’ll start the search 🙂

  2. Nina says:


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