Round Three- USA IBC

Round Three- USA IBC

The competition is in full swing right now. Beside all the dancing, there have been seminars on Petipa and Tu-tu costume construction.

So now we have moved into round 3, the most complicated level of the competition. Here the competitor present both classical and contemporary choreography. The stakes are high and the works presented are of the highest caliber.

We have been busy in evaluation sessions with the competitors each day, which have been a bit easier during this round. Competitors eliminated in the second round are more aware of why they have been eliminated even before they walk out the door. Many competitors know that their contemporary pieces are not choreographically sufficient, but they are compelled to perform them anyway. Their coaches or teachers have choreographed the pieces, and the competitors are either too young, too respectful or have no choice into questioning these decisions. There is nothing worse then a coach or teacher who is falsely confident of their choreography and places this burden on the competitor who is stuck performing the work.

The Good News is that Bruce Marks the head of the Jury is aware of this problem and other problems within the Contemporary Rounds. And he looks beyond this to the heart of the competitor’s talent.

More tomorrow.
Did I mention it is hot here?

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