And the winner is…

After a long night of deliberation. Here are the Juries final choices.

Senior Division
Gold – 
Cao Shuci (China) Senior Womens
Silver -
Candice Adea (Philippines) Senior Womens
Kosuke Okumura (Japan) Senior Mens
Bronze -
Kyohei Yoshida (Japan) Senior Mens
Zhang Xi (China) Senior Mens
Maki Onuki (Japan) Senior Womens

Junior Division
Gold -
Marcelino Sambé (Portugal) Junior Mens
Ji Young Chae (South Korea) Junior Womens
Silver -
Ki-Min Kim (South Korea) Junior Mens
Fumi Kaneko (Japan) Junior Womens
Alys Shee (Canada) Junior Womens
Bronze -
Derek Dunn (USA) Junior Mens
Mariana Layún Prado (Mexico) Junior Womens
Special Awards
Best Junior Couple -
Ji Young Chae (South Korea)
Ki-Min Kim (South Korea)
Best Senior Couple -
Cao Shuci (China)
Zhang Xi (China)
Choreography Award -
Caterina Moreira for Que Todos Os Ais Sáo meus
Capezio Award -
Guixien Chu (Chinese Taipei) Senior Mens
Ekaterina Oleynik (Belarus) Senior Womens
Robert Joffrey Award of Merit – 
Seo-Hye Han (South Korea) Senior Womens
Jury Award of Encouragement -
Esteban Hernandez (Mexico) Junior Mens
Amanda Gomes (Brazil) Junior Womens
Tutu.Com – Custom tutu to top junior and senior female medalist
Ji Young Chae (South Korea) (Junior)
Cao Shuci (China) (Senior)Brooklyn Ballet Summer Intensive – Scholarships for ______ (Junior Female)_______ (Junior Male)
One Season Contracts
Columbia City Ballet: Aynsley Inglis (USA)
Miami City Ballet: Ekaterina Oleynik (Belarus)
Ballet San Jose: Miki Wakuta (Japan)
Nashville Ballet : ___________ ( )
The Peggy Mize Fund for the IBC presented every finalist in Round III with a cash award of $1,000 to help defray travel expenses. These awards were offered through the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, and the fund is named in honor of the late Peggy Mize of Jackson.
My Best


3 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. Wally Harper says:

    It’s been fun watching the events and reading your comments after. How’s the weather?

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