Back home from Jackson

Back home from Jackson.
Long travel day today, left the hotel at 7:00 am got home at 4:00 pm. Sad to discover Philly is as hot as Jackson.
The USA-IBC Gala last night was amazing. The IBC gave out 18 awards, the dancers were relaxed and at they’re very best, speeches were made and my appearance on stage was, I think, stellar.

My thanks to Sue Lobrano, Brooke Wyatt and Bruce Marks, for this wonderful experience.

Back to work tomorrow here in Philadelphia.
Did I mention that I have just opened a new ballet school called The Philadelphia Ballet School. It was tough to come up with a name.

Please visit us on our website.

My Best


2 Responses to Back home from Jackson

  1. Joshua Raila says:

    Thank you for your involvement in the IBC here in Jackson. I have been attending since I was 5 and have looked forwards to it every four years. Its so thrilling to watch. It is really humanity at its best in there on stage, the peak of our potential beauty and form in motion. The IBC has been an integral reason that I follow the arts and continue to be a patron. Cao Shuci really stole the show for me with her gorgeous Gisele from round two. I just got back from the encore gala, which Bruce Marks hosted with such Gusto and Passion I almost regretted him not having hosted the whole thing!

    I am glad i ran across this blog of yours while looking up info on the winners.

    All the best – a BIG fan of ballet and dance
    Joshua Raila

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