PHILADELPHIA- Tired and Inspired

PHILADELPHIA- Tired and Inspired

Back in Philly and it has been a long week.
I don’t normally write from here since my observations are all about being a Traveling Ballet Master. But, I realized that I travel so much that Philadelphia is almost like any other city that I travel too. In addition and since I don’t have an editor, I thought why not write about the city that I live in but can’t seem to call home.
I know this may seem strange to live in a city and not call it home. But it is not so strange for me.
Working in a studio either teaching or choreographing has always been home and the theatre is nothing more than my current zip code.
The constant in my life has always been the studio and the theatre. One is to prepare the work and the other is the realization.

A famous Baseball Player once said, “My home is the stadium, my life is the game”.
I love that quote.
Some may question that there is more outside of sports or dance and that is true.
But, if you are fortunate enough to spend your life in pursuit of that which you truly love.
Then you are a very lucky soul. Indeed.

A day before I left for the to Jackson and the USA International Ballet Competition. My newest creation was launched with the Philadelphia Ballet School. It seemed like the right thing to do at the right time. I needed a space to work during the day on multiple projects and with The Pennsylvania Ballet not able to do a school at this time. My thought was “Why Not”?

Returning, from the USA-IBC (Jackson) I was even more inspired to pursue this. The level and care about our art form was everywhere at the USA IBC. There were dancers who came alone no coaches no support persons and they were beautiful. On the other side of that were large groups from a single school who did not do well because the training was superficial.

But the important point was that we have a responsibility to pass along knowledge and to maintain our art form.

And as my old boss, George Balanchine said, “First a school”. So, they we have it. Nuff Said.

I will discuss this new found joy in the future..

My best


One Response to PHILADELPHIA- Tired and Inspired

  1. Wally Harper says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The passion shown by so many dancers in Jackson was a true inspiration to those of us who are fans of ballet and came to see some of the best new dancers at the start of a great career. And thanks to you for giving us a behind the scenes peek.

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