New Solo for an Old Student

New Solo for an Old Student-

Fun Weekend. Had a chance to create a new solo for an old student, a very talent young man with a very bright future in the dance world. His name is Esteban Hernandez. I had choreographed contemporary pieces for his older brother, Issac.
Issac won IBC gold medals in Havana, Moscow and Jackson doing contemporary pieces of mine. He recently revived 2 of them and won a competition in Orlando.

So, Esteban approached me here in Philly after the USA IBC in Jackson.
Seems the choreography for his contemporary pieces was not very good and he did not do as well as his talent represents. So, he got in touch with me hoping to fair better at the Korean Competition in August.

It was an interesting process he was no longer my student and had missed part of his education that I use to provide. His classical progress had continued in good shape, but part of what I had to get him to understand was how to approach contemporary movement (And I use that term loosely).

Contemporary movement requires an investment from the dancer, as well as a trust of the choreography at hand. This is harder than you might think for a world class 16 year old.

To help break him down, I reminded him of a story from when he was 11 years old. He actually changed a variation on stage in New York at a YAGP
I needed that ballsy, brave 11yr old back, to approach this work.
Also, “just go for it” sometimes goes a long way.

Regardless to say, things went very well and he returned to the ABT summer course with a solo that he could sink his teeth into, while at the same time showing another facet of his talents.

My Best
The Traveling Ballet Master


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