The Traveling Ballet Master- First Guest Writer

The Traveling Ballet Master- First Guest Writer
Hello my name is Holly Curran. I am currently working with Christopher Fleming. I met Christopher when I was 17 and a student in Philadelphia. I instantly felt a connection with his choreography and knew that this was the kind of ballet that I wanted to be doing. For the next few years, though living/dancing in several cities across the states I never lost touch with Christopher his classes and his choreographic work.
As you can imagine I was thrilled when Christopher asked me to join him with the exciting projects he is doing this season. I had always wanted to work with him in this capacity and was really excited for this opportunity. So after waiting for two hours on a plane [on the runway] at Philadelphia International, two of my fellow ballerinas, Keenan McLaren and Samantha Barczak, we finally made it into Tampa.
The past week has been a total whirlwind. Between learning choreography, names of new dancers and getting to know the Tampa bay area, my brain is pretty jam-packed. We’ve been dancing for hours a day in, well I would say rain or shine, but in our case it’s generally been the later. In fact, on Saturday and Sunday, two of the hottest days I think I have ever experienced in my life, due to a technical malfunction our studio’s air conditioning had been turned off. Though I loved how fast my muscles were warm, I don’t know how much my partner’s appreciated the fact that my sweat drenched leotard had completely changed from a pastel pink to a deep rose color by tendus at barre.
The rehearsal process has been fast and furious. Chris has been utilizing local dancers from the Tampa Bay area for the Gaspar ballet. It’s been really inspiring to see such young talent picking up chris’s choreography and working alongside us. Their eagerness to learn and dance alongside professionals has been brought freshness into the studio that is very appreciated.
My role in the ballet is “Ana”, the daughter of a wealthy cigar merchant who is courted by one of Gaspar’s pirate crew. The two of us do a fast and flirty pas de Deux. My partner Travis is very enthusiastic and we are starting to get really comfortable with playing off each other in all of our acting/miming sections together. It’s always exciting to develop a new partnership.
I have to give a public “thank you” to our sponsors, The Richard and Sharon Sanchez Family Foundation, which has really taken our [my co-workers and myself’s] experience to a whole other level.
On Saturday we all were taken to a Tampa Bay Ray’s Baseball game. While being a baseball fan for sometime now, this was my first live sporting event EVER. Considering we were set up in a fully catered box, with a spectacular view of he field, I don’t think I’m off to a very bad start.
Monday evening we were taken out onto the Sanchez’s yacht and to dinner. There were accompanied by representatives from the Blue Cross Blue Shield in Tampa, the Tampa Bay Rays, and Brown and Brown insurance, all of which are sponsor of Gaspar. We knew that it would be a great night due to the several dolphins that graced our presence. Sharon told us that never, in the several years they have had their boat , had over a dozen dolphins popped their heads up to say hello.
I would really like to pursue writing one day and Christopher has allowed me to be a guest writer on this blog. I’ll be writing more soon. Nuff said!
Holly Curran
First Time, Guest Writer for the Traveling Ballet Master.



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