Got this from the father of one of the dancers that is working with us in Tampa…
See below
My best
The traveling Ballet Master
Subject: Jackson

Hi John
Thanks for your note.
Jackson is a talented young man and we were glad to have him join the production.
Besides choreographing all over the place one of my other skills has been as a Master Teacher.
Jackson just needed to be connected with. After that he did all the hard work.
Also the professional dancers in my company are all very good at mentoring senior students.
He has a bright future ahead of him.

As to help, we are trying to organize a “Friends of Gaspar Ballet” Group. Pam Haig who is CC on this message has been ask to help us get that started. Maybe send her an e-mail.
Also we are trying to get ticket sales moving.

You can read about our adventures on my blog-
Jackson is mentioned in the last installment.


From: John Kettell – Precision Paving
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 1:22 PM
To: Tia Gooding
Subject: RE: Gaspar Master Class information

Tia – Please forward this e-mail to Mr. Fleming.
Thank you,

Mr. Fleming,
This is John Kettell (Jackson’s dad) and I would like to take just a minute of your time to express my and Linda’s gratitude for the time, experience and acceptance that you and your staff have given Jackson this last week.

Jackson has shared with me that he believes that he has improved and grown more in the last week than he did in five weeks at the Boston Ballet. You have imparted a tremendous joy in my son this week and to a dad this is a priceless gift. Jackson is now even more motivated to improve and continue his training in hopes of being able to dance in college.

Again – thank you.
If there is anything that Linda and I can assist you with in the coming months, please feel free to contact me at any time.

John Kettell


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