More- The Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe

More The Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe

Finished the new version of the ballet this week. I normally don’t like to mess with my work. But in this case I think the changes work very well.
To explain, I didn’t change the bulk of the ballet, I did cut a scene that I thought did not move the narrative forward and of course the ballet was designed originally as half an evening and now will need to stand on it’s own as a full length Ballet.

One of the first things I did was to add an Actor, as Edgar Allan Poe. He opens the program as Poe. He introduces himself to the audience and tells a brief biography of his life. I felt that the ballet would be better served if the audience were reintroduced to Poe.
Poe’s work was so profound and so long ago, even though we all studied him in school to some degree. If you are going to present an abstract ballet about his life and times, it would not hurt to jog the audience’s memory.
The monologue will serve as an extended “Overture” to the piece.

I was fortunate to find the brilliant David Keltz, a professional actor in the Baltimore area. David has presented a one-man show over the last ten years as Edgar Allan Poe. I was very excited by our initial meetings and look forward to his contribution to the ballet.

We will host a symposium in the afternoon before the performance. The symposium will be about Poe and the Arts.
(I will write more about this latter).

The other change is a new section that will focus on Poe’s distress and possible madness. The Composer for the Ballet, Dr. David Goldstein has created a new section for me that deals more directly with Poe and his overwhelming distress at the loss of everyone he loved.

It was the theme I always envisioned for the Ballet. From the mouth of the Raven; “Never More”.

More to come
My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


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