Spelling correction, History lesson

In my last blog it said “Towsend” and should have read “Towson”.
And now a brief history as provided by Jeffrey Savoye…

As ancient Rome was founded by two brothers, so too was Towson. Thomas and William Towson came to Maryland in 1752 and settled near “a bounded white oak standing in the head of a great glade on the south of Setter Hill,” approximately where Shealey and Delaware avenues now meet. (Just a little south of the entrance to Goucher.) In 1768, Ezekiel Towson, the son of William, opened an inn for travellers of the Joppa Road. (Having started as an Indian trail, Joppa Road was a major road running to the important town of Joppa.) When the York Turnpike (now York Road) was created in 1799, Ezekiel Towson petitioned to have the direction of the road moved “thirty two perches,” so that it passed directly by his establishment, donating some of his property for the purpose. The resulting increase in business allowed the inn to expand to include more than thirteen bedrooms, on three floors, and provided a good income to Ezekiel and his family, with twelve children. (The Towson Tavern stood facing Shealey Avenue, near the intersection of York Road. The building was demolished in 1929.) The youngest of Ezekiel’s sons, Nathan Towson, served with distinction in the War of 1812, and continued his military career through the Mexican War, eventually achieving the rank of major-general.

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