Verb Ballets

Finished up today in Cleveland, it has been a great 10 days.
The Company worked very hard and my Assistant and “Lead Raven” in the original production, Keenan McLaren did a heck of a great job staging the piece. With 2 slightly different productions of “The Myth and The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe” One in Cleveland and one in Baltimore both slated for October. She has been invaluable in helping to make all this work. As well as her staging duties, she is also recreating her critically acclaimed role for the Baltimore Production.

For Verb Ballets (under the inspired direction of Margaret Carlson) this has been a challenging endeavor. As basically a Rep. Company this is a longer more demanding piece than they have undertaken before.
I should explain this statement a bit. “The Myth and The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe” is demanding not only physically but also requires sustained characterization from the principle dancers. For Verb Ballet this was something new. I must say however they were definitely up for the challenge.

In particular, dancer Brian Murphy who is dancing the signature role of Edgar Allan Poe has embraced not only the physical demands of 50 minutes on stage. But his investment as an actor in the part, which is even more demanding has been superb.

So if you are in the Cleveland area pleas come see what I think will be an exciting performance. The rest of the wonderful cast is listed below.

Brian Murphy- Edgar Allan Poe
Principle Raven- -Stephanie Krise
Elizabeth (His Mother) – Katie Gnagy
Virginia (His Wife) – Ashley Cohen
Annabel Lee (His love in literature) – Kara Madden
John Allan -Gary Lenington
Red Death -Antwon Duncan
Ravens – Erin Conway – Megan Gurcze –
Garrett McMann – Rebecca Nicklos

Run thru tomorrow then back to philly.

My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


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