The After Image

The After Image

The performance of the “The Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe” far exceeded my expectations. Good audience attendance, great performance from the dancers, all technical elements went out without a hitch. The post performance feed back was great and the financial aspects were all taken care of.

So, what did I think of what would seem like a perfect situation?
That’s the question as a choreographer you have to keep asking yourself.

The performance was also the premiere of my new company “BalletFleming”. So, you start to look at the performance from many different angles. None of which has to do with the your artistic opinion of what you were trying to accomplish.

Reviewing the performance in my mind I was left with Arlene Croce’s wonderful explanation for what a dance audience is left with after a wonderful performance.. She referred to it as the “After Image”.
So, with that in mind I considered what I had done in presenting this work.

Poe is a difficult subject to deal with no matter how you approach it.
I had an actor (As the spirit of Poe) do a sort of “Overture” before the Ballet began. His monologue was written and presented to jog the audience memory of all they know about Edgar Allan Poe.

I was happy with the ballet but I think I could do better with this introduction. It was a could idea that could be done shorter and better.
Nuff Said!

My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


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