Never know where the next Dancer may come from…

Never know where the next Dancer may come from…
Got this message on Face Book tonight and I thought I would share it with you all. You never know where the next great dancers may come from.
This young man defiantly has the desire.

Dwayne Watts November 18 at 10:57pm Report
Hello sir how are you?

Dwayne Watts November 18 at 11:11pm Report
Ok. I am new to dance and heard that the school of ballet is an extraordinary place train. All of my life I have been shot down by family and society for wanting to be a ballet dancer. It was always “you’re going to do hip hop or your classes wont be paid for.” or even “ballet is for girls…..are you a girl?” I am a student at the art institute and I am majoring in fashion design. Although fashion is ok, I would really like to get the proper training and eventually audition at the university of the arts and later become a dancer in either the New York City ballet company or the Miami city ballet company. My only problem is money. I got laid off from my job because they were not doing well as a business and needed to cut employees. I was wondering if I could possibly work either behind the scenes or around the studio for classes. If I want something as much as I want to dance, I will make sure I devote 120% of my time and effort to it. I want to thank you for taking the time out to read this and would greatly appreciate any help you are willing to give.

Hey Dwayne
Thank you for you message. If you have a dream then I think we can help you. Please understand that Ballet is a lot of hard work and intense dedication. Sounds like you already have the desire.

Our school (The Philadelphia Ballet School) would be happy to see you. If you need a scholarship and are ready to work for it, then that is a good thing. The phone number for the school is (215) 454-2858 and asks for Rob Royce. I’m traveling for this weekend but Rob can set up a meeting.

Please send e-mail to to contact me.
Lets see what we can do.
My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


2 Responses to Never know where the next Dancer may come from…

  1. Alice Terrazas says:

    Wonderful read!! Thanks for giving me the heads up on this blog at Huntington Ballet this weekend. Look forward to reading more. Also, thanks for listening and giving advice on my questions about summer intensives for my daughter, really appreciated it.


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