Happy New Year

Hi All
Happy New Year to all!

Sorry, to be away from the blog.
The Philadelphia Ballet School and myself had a wonderful “Winter Workshop” between X-mas and New Years with students attending from as far away as Florida.
I tried something new for the students. Before their regular morning “Ballet Class” they had a one- hour “Yoga Class” that was designed by BalletFleming Principal Dancer, Keenan Mclaren.
The concepts of Yoga if applied to Ballet training can be considerable.
I wish I had known about the benefits of Yoga when I was dancing with New York City Ballet. I’m convinced that I would have had less injuries and a better recovery from injuries, if I had practiced yoga and the yoga mentality. But then hindsight is always great.

After the Ballet Class we were able to do a “Partnering Class”.
For a Workshop this size, normally that would be difficult. But because of the number of male dancers drawn to the program to study with me and the professional male dancers from my company. We where able to have a great time with this “Class”

Also currently in Philadelphia there is no school offering any real “Partnering Class” taught by someone who understands this ballet skill.

Then, starting in the first days of January my new ballet company; BalletFleming had its first “Steering Committee” meeting.

Then, myself and part of the company flew down to Tampa to start work on the ballet GASPAR.

I will write more about all this in the coming days.

My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


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