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Hey All
Last weekend I had a talented young Ballet Student with good photographic skills and a bright observational mind. Ask me if she could come join us for class at Adelphi. I suggested that after class she watch rehearsal, take pictures and write about what she sees. I thought her observations would be interesting.
Her Name is Jensine Schneekloth. She is the daughter of my good friend Jeanine Levitan and her wonderful step-father Michael Levitan.

So, Jensine will adding her young eyes to this blog. This is her 2nd installment.
My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


Last Saturday and Sunday I joined to watch some of the final rehearsals of Tommy. Being on the stage adds a whole new aspect that you don’t see in the studio. Maybe its because I was to see them slowly transform the lighting… which then transforms the whole stage. The contrast was amazing as you see the darkness of the blackouts switching to the bright flashing lights, with the disco ball glowing. Then they set up the props and moved them in to the right place. At last they got into costume.

My first picture is from Saturday, which was a tech rehearsal. That is when everyone was just marking things through to get the music right with all the changes in scenes and work on lighting as well. Then the second picture is from Sunday, which was a full dress rehearsal. It was much different from the day before because it was danced full out with all the costumes, makeup, and no time for mistakes. It was all a preview for the amazing show to come.



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  1. Ariana Lewin says:

    I understand you quite well. None so deaf as those that won’t hear 😉

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