A New Challenge Begins

Adventures of the Traveling Ballet Master
A new challenge begins.

Hi everyone
Sorry to be so long away from my Blog. Often when you are in transition it is hard to find those moments you need to sit down and write clearly.
Also in transition you don’t really have too much to say that is worth printing. I started this Blog as a traveling journal. For the last 22 years of my life I have been applying my craft all over the world.
It was only 2 years ago on my first trip to Japan that I decided to write about my adventures. That may have coincided with the fact that there is now this wonderful Internet phenomenon called a Blog.
I had been traveling in pursuit of my art form for so long that I never thought twice about it. Until an old friend suggested that I become a blogger.
With much old school thought about this I was intrigued and challenged.
I immediately thought of Mark Twain’s, “ Innocent Abroad” his walking tour through Europe. That would be my Blog. I would travel all over making Ballets or Teaching Master Classes and write about those experiences.

This worked for awhile, but as things happen I now have a new Ballet Company and School and my life will be less about travel and more about the building of a new ballet company, “BalletFleming” and a school to support that artistic endeavor, The Philadelphia Ballet School.

To achieve these goals I now will come off the road and focus on the task at hand. To that end the traveling will be a lot less (Sort of).

My old boss and mentor, George Balanchine would never take any title other than “Ballet Master” with The New York City Ballet and while an old school title I understand more and more why he made that stand. It is what we do and why not keep it simple.

So, the new Adventures of the Traveling Ballet Master will be about creating a new Ballet Company here in America and I hope you all will join me on this adventure.

My best
The Traveling Ballet master


2 Responses to A New Challenge Begins

  1. Norm PoP Riggins says:

    I hope to come to Philadelphia and see your fantasatic some day.Great work LOVE POP

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