Building the new season (Something old, something new…)

Hi All
Building a new season can be an interesting process. As I have written in the last few weeks we have been very fortunate in moving forward very quickly.
As the director of all this you have to balance many things as you move forward.
The vision for this company comes from me. I had thought long and hard about it before starting this endeavor and will write more about this in the coming months. This vision will of course need an article/installment of it’s own. But none of it will matter without the more practical elements that we will discuss below.

The nuts and bolts-
Do you have the resources to accomplish this vision?
Do we have a space to rehearse in?
Can we afford the space?
Do we have the dancers to realize this vision?
Can we afford to pay them?
Have we assembled a Steering Committee to help form a Board of Trustees?

Funny enough, after nine months into this endeavor, the answer to all these questions was, YES.
I was surprised as anyone that we were on our way.
Of course I was still under pressure to create works that the public would come to see. But that is another question all together.

To address that question in our infancy
I though it best to go back to the old adage for new brides. “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.

I’ve attached a photo of three of BalletFleming’s wonderful ballerina’s.
From left to right they are, Holly Curran, Keenan McLaren and Samantha Barczak.

My best
The Travel Ballet Master
Christopher Fleming


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