Playball Dayton,Ohio

Hi All
This letter was sent to me after the original premiere in March/2000 in Dayton, Ohio of “Playball”.
The letter was sent to me by the PR Director of the Dayton Ballet. I thought you might find it interesting.

Subject: From Carla — Congratulations!
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000

Dear Christopher,
Congratulations on the great reception your ballet is having here in Dayton. The response has been pretty consistent, and the audiences eat it up. I faxed the review to you at the Rock School. People call up and ask for tickets to Play Ball now. I did not see it until Friday night, and I had not seen any rehearsals either. I was rolling in the aisles pretty much through the whole thing, ya know, crying and grinning. I saw spoof of ballet, spoof of baseball, and spoof of that crazy music, but I also enjoyed the things that are so much you, and that was cool. I now understand why you were so tired—it is very very funny! What I admire about this work and Janis & Joe is how you are able to bring the piece so close to the audience and artfully include some really kick-butt ballet dancing. Some choreographers doing “pop” ballet, for lack of a better term, end up with “fluff” too. I am blown away by the great stuff the guys and gals are doing in Play Ball. And it has been a long time since the kids have done that here in Dayton. I think your Waltz of the Base Stealers is the greatest, and I try not to miss that part if I can’t see the whole thing. Anyway, Play Ball is in my top ten.
My Best

My best
The Traveling Ballet Master


2 Responses to Playball Dayton,Ohio

  1. Catherine Earp says:

    What a terrific compliment! Can’t wait to see it in Philly sometime soon.
    My best!

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