Cleveland and Verb Ballets

Cleveland and Verb Ballets

Hi all

Back in Cleveland for this week working with one of my favorite companies, Verb Ballets. Last time I was here was in September they did my Edgar Allan Poe ballet. The company has grown under the direction of Margaret Carlson and now has a new facility and offices.


I’m here this time to create a new suite from one of my longer existing ballets. The original ballet called “Janis and Joe” featured the music of Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker.

In the new suite, (which will also be performed by my own company; BalletFleming in September) I will condense the work removing the narrative in order to make the work more about a celebration of the music.


Verb Ballets will perform the suite as part of their “Rockin’ Summer” Program that they do thru out Ohio in the summer. The first performance will be July 22nd at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights.

For more information go to


I will write more about all this and rehearsals in the following days. Also please enjoy the wonderful photos that Brian Mengini took when we performed  excerpts from “Janis and Joe” at our own “Tapas” Program in February.


My Best

The Traveling Ballet Master



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