Reality TV Show

Hi All

I’m back in Philadelphia for the weekend. It was an interesting day for BalletFleming and The Philadelphia Ballet School today.

Earlier this month we had been contacted by award winning executive producer, Eric Evangelista about being involved in the pilot for a new Reality Television show.

Having done MTV’s “Made Show” in the past, I was excited about this new venture.

The arts are often times overlooked in the world of mass media and any chance that we have to be involved in a quality way is only good for our Art Form.

I should explain that last statement a bit.
With a live performing art such as dance we are in many ways not a part of the latest popular technology and hence the newest cultural fixation. The art of dance for the most part unless properly produced to film does not translate well to the small screen of a TV or computer. But, the more that the many aspects of dance can be truthfully represented (Excluding a live performance) to the public the better it is for the art form in general.
All that said for us as a new organization and in this world of mass media and social networking being involved with someone like Eric Evangelista was quite an honor.

Tomorrow I will write more about the actual filming, which involved a young lady named Rose from the Mennonite community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Who despite all odds, dreams to become a dancer.

My Best
The Traveling Ballet Master


4 Responses to Reality TV Show

  1. Sara says:

    I hope this show does well so we can counter act that awful Dance Mom show Lifetime is showing. Looking forward to it, too, because my husband comes from a Mennonite family & our 3 oldest dance classical ballet. I know it’s probably been an adjustment for his parents.

  2. Stacey says:

    Agree about countering the “Dance Mom” show! Good luck to Christopher and Rose – looking forward to seeing the show. And I share Christophers excitement in increasing the exposure of dance – specifically ballet.

  3. Rose says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed reading your message, Christopher! Great meeting you!

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