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I promised to provide more information about the Reality TV pilot that we were recently involved in. To that end I ask Shannon Evangelista, one of the Producers if she would not mind writing a piece for my Blog, describing everything in a bit more detail. Please enjoy her description below. 

From Shannon Evangelista

I was incredibly amazed when I first saw Rose Zimmerman’s tape of her self trained ballet.  Growing up strict Mennonite, Rose was unable to attend dance classes because it was considered frivolous with all of the hard work there was to be done and the dress was considered immodest compared to Mennonite clothing.  But, the same strong work ethic that Rose learned as a Mennonite, she applied to the one thing she was told not to do…dance.  She was born with a love of dance and told me she felt the closest to God when she was dancing.   Rose used the encyclopedia and any books she could get her hands on about ballet to train herself.  The result, was Rose was untrained on how to carry her arms and untrained on the positions, yet, watching Rose dance around her living room was simply beautiful.  I could see a professional ballet dancer who just needed a chance.  

I began doing internet research on professional schools in the Philadelphia area.  I am a television producer at Hot Snakes Media and Rose is starring in my television show regarding her representation by Alan Beiler and Vie Bisht Productions.  I was trained as a ballet dancer myself from the time I was 4 years old until I was 23 when it became obvious I did not have what it takes to be professional.  I knew it long before then but continued to train out of love for Ballet.  So, I knew how cut throat the business could be.  I was wary of bringing Rose into that environment.  I was the most impressed by Christopher Fleming and the Philadelphia Ballet School.  Their school was the first place I called and my first pick.  I explained Rose’s situation to the school and received a call from Christopher Fleming inviting us to come and film at the School.  

 The Philadelphia Ballet School was unlike any ballet school I had ever been to, because everyone was incredibly nice, warm and inviting.  Rose came in her Mennonite clothing and change into her dance clothing.  She was embraced by the other students and helped along every step of the way.  All of the snootiness, pretentiousness and competitiveness that I had witnessed was missing from this school.  It was all about hard work and the students seemed really happy.   

In the end, Rose passed her audition and was extended an invitation by Christopher Fleming to study at the Philadelphia Ballet School.  She was also given a pair of point shoes that had been signed by all the dancers.  Truly it was a triumph and solely because of Rose’s dedication and the Philadelphia Ballet School embracing Rose and giving her a shot at making her dreams come true. 

Keep an eye out for more about Rose and the reality show.

My Best

The Traveling Ballet Master 


2 Responses to More Reality Television

  1. Rose Zimmerman says:

    Wow…beautiful. Thank you, Shannon! That warms my heart.

  2. Lori Wilson says:

    Such an interesting story!

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