Back Home to Create the Fall Season

Hi all

Finishing up my two weeks of master Classes in Alabama and with the successful performances in Cleveland (Janis & Joe Suite) and Boca Raton (PlayBall!) Completed (July was a busy month). I turn my attention now to the next 5 projects at hand. I should explain that these projects have been in process during all this other insanity.  But in American, unlike other countries, the Arts must work to survive.  It’s not a bad thing just our reality.

The 5 projects coming up in August, September and October are in order…

August 10th A preview performance of my new Ballet “Long Train Running” at The Harry Chapin Amphitheatre in Huntington, Long Island.

The performance will be a mix of dancers from BalletFleming and the Long Island Ballet Theatre (Of which I am the Guest Artistic Director).

August 15th A week of Master Classes in Tampa, Florida with myself and dancers from BalletFleming to promote and audition talent for our 2012 January Gaspar Season. I am the Choreographer and Artistic Director of The Gaspar Ballet. And along with my long time friends, Sharon and Richard Sanchez serve as Executive Director.

August 17th Members of BalletFleming will travel to Charleston West Virginia to begin work on “The Janice & Joe Suite” for a collaboration with The Charleston ballet performances October 14 and 15th.

August 22nd– My Company, BalletFleming begins rehearsals for our debut performances in Philadelphia at The Painted Bride Art Center on September 13 and 14 (7:00pm). Three exciting New Works, look forward to seeing you there. We are part of the Philly Fringe festival and our performances are aptly titled; “Feelin’ Allright”.

September 9th Start Rehearsals on The Phantom, a new ballet on the Phantom of the Opera for Brandywine Ballet. I adapted the libretto myself. But the real jewel for this ballet will be a new Original Score, by long time friend and collaborator, David Goldstein. The Performances will be October 21st and 22nd.

The Performance schedule for all this will be posted and I promise to write more about each of these Projects. You can also find all these projects on line.

My best

The Traveling Ballet Master


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