Newest Guest Blogger- Adrianna de Svastich

Hi All

Please enjoy BalletFleming Company member and our newest Guest Blogger, Adrianna de Svastich as she writes about her 1st week of rehearsal for our September 14 and 15 program “Feelin’ Alright” at the Painted Bride Theatre here in Philadelphia.

My Best-The Traveling Ballet Master

From Adrianna de Svastich

Hello everyone! It’s our second week of rehearsals for Feelin’ Alright, and while I would describe the way I’m currently feelin’ as sore rather than alright, us dancers are hard at work putting together what is going to be a fantastic show. This is my first program with BalletFleming, and everyone has been so welcoming as I get to know the ropes. I spent the majority of my summer on an archaeological excavation in Tuscany through UPenn, where I am a part-time History major, so I inevitably came back last week still in summer mode and slightly (ok, very) out of shape. This quickly changed thanks to Chris’s notoriously fast paced classes and even faster paced rehearsals, which have whipped me back into shape before I even realized what was happening. Since we only have a few weeks to put the entire program together, we have been learning choreography at lightning speed. While learning so much material in a short amount of time has its difficult moments, it feels great to be challenged and has really motivated me to physically and mentally push myself beyond my normal bounds of comfort. The veteran BalletFleming dancers, Alex Crozier-Jackson, Jane Koorts, Samantha Barczak, and Holly Curran, have been so helpful with teaching me the choreography and answering the multitude of questions about steps or timing that I have heaved at them.

This week we’ve been focusing on finishing the finale of Long Train Running, which begins with a short pas de deux between myself and Tommy (Thomas Gant, Jr to be exact).  The music starts out at a slow pace, and then crescendo’s into what is probably one of the fastest pieces of music I’ve ever had to dance. It’s fascinating to watch Chris’s choreographic process; we began the first day with a completely clean slate and within an hour later had nearly finished the finale. I’m excited to put all of Long Train Running together, and am praying I have enough stamina to do the piece justice! In addition to Long Train Running, I also have the opportunity to dance in the beautifully delicate Café Music Pas de Deux with Tommy, and with the entire company in the Janis and Joe Suite. I’m looking forward to finishing all the pieces so that we can start running through them and rehearse the entire program. While this will be yet another challenge I will have to surmount, it is sure to be a fantastic program and I cannot wait to see it all come together!


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