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Please enjoy BalletFleming’s new apprentice dancer, Maya Felten on her first installment as a Guest Blogger. Maya is a talented dancer who was one of my students during my tenure at Goucher College. She will be performing in our program at The Painted Bride in Philadelphia this up coming Wednesday and Thursday September 14 and 15th at 7:00pm.


For tickets go to or or the box office number is (215) 413-1318


My Best- The Traveling Ballet Master


Maya Felten’s Guest Blog…


Maya’s Pre-show checklist


As we are fast approaching the week of the show, I thought it would be an appropriate occasion to share my pre-show routine and some tried-and-true techniques that prepare me for a spectacular performance.




The night before the show


–       Assemble all essential items including pointe shoes, toe pads, lucky scrunchi, pins and hairspray, makeup kit, low calorie Gatorade, Sour Patch Kids.


–       Air out dance bad so as not to offend fellow dancers with the stench of feet and stale sweat.


–       Place pointe shoes on ballet altar and douse with the holiest of holy water, jet glue. Meditate in silence, visualizing a successful, seamless, and stunning performance.


–       Take one melatonin pill to enable sound sleep (without awakening to the sirens blaring down Broad Street) 


Day of the show


–       Engage in low-impact, low stress activities, such as walking, reading, texting, making kambucha, waving to neighbors.


–       Eat lean protein foods so that the brain can manufacture norepinephrine and dopamine, two neurotransmitters essential for mental alertness


–       Spend time with positive, easy-going people.


At the theater


–       Claim 2×2 ft spot in dressing room.


–       Don layers during warm-up class for maximum heat retention, including all of the following: UnderArmor shirt, fleece pants, trash bag shorts, wool socks, down booties, knit leg warmers, arm warmers, neck warmer, and hooded windbreaker.


–       Walk through choreography and work out last-minute kinks.


–       Zone out with iPod in quiet corner to clear and calm mind.


Right before curtain


–       Rub plenty of rosin onto pointe shoes and, for good luck, toss a handful like fairy-dust.


–       Powwow with fellow dancers for good vibes and sense of connectedness; chant the company mantra ending with three oms.


–       Dash to the bathroom one more time.


–       Hike up tights and pick leotard wedgie.


–       Say, “Merde!” to everyone. Repeat until places.








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