Charleston, West Virginia

Hi All

Sorry to be off line for a little bit. I’m in Charleston, West Virginia this week where the Charleston Ballet is Performing my Ballet “Janis and Joe”. I’ve brought the men from BalletFleming to perform with the company and an old friend and former Dayton ballet dancer; Freddie Fourie has joined us here as well. So of course I invited Freddie to be a guest blooger.

Please enjoy his observations below.


Looks like it’s my turn to share the scoop…

I met Christopher Fleming when I was 15 and barely knew how to put on a pair of tights. Needless to say Christopher whipped me into shape and left a long lasting impression. Some years later he came to Dayton Ballet to choreograph “Playball” which is where we got to reestablish our working/friendship relationship. Since “Playball” I got the opportunity to do many of his ballets until I left the company. I transitioned  to a teaching career 4 nights a week, raising 2 beautiful children Logan 4, my baby girl Jadyn who is 18 months and being married to Danielle D’Addesa for almost 10 years now. I have had the opportunity to be a guest artist with various companies and stage “Playball” among other ballets..

Fast forward to today Charleston, West Virginia dancing “Janis and Joe”. “Janis and Joe” is a ballet that would regularly take weeks to teach and practice but only has about 3 days with Chris to become stage worthy. Needless to say I can barely walk and haven’t worked this hard since the last time I got to work with Chris. Feeling so lucky to have come on such a long journey from 15 and just trying to make it through the day of dancing with Chris, to dancing Chris’s ballets in a professional company, to staging his ballets, to today just trying to make it through the day dancing with Chris.


My Best The Traveling Ballet Master



















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