New Gaspar Choreography

Hi All
Back in Tampa again, working on Gaspar for our 2012 performances.
 The Gaspar Pirate Ballet has now become an Annual Event and an Important Charity event to boot. So, I thought that it was important that each season it have minor or even major adjustments to the production that will make the story clearer the production more fun and constantly engaging for the audience. These additions and/or revisions are not that complicated to do since I wrote the Original Libretto and my collaborator and friend Dr. David Goldstein wrote the Original Music. Made even easier by the fact that we are both still alive.  Try doing this with Tchaikovsky.
This weekend I’m adding a “Waltz of the Water Lilly’s” as a presentational set-up into the Act II Wedding Scene. In sort of the same way that the Wedding Scene in Sleeping Beauty is set up by the Garland Dance. It is an economical and sensible ballet addition. (Nice when those two things work out).
Even more fortunate for me is that I have the talents of Dancer, Nanako Yamamoto as the lead WaterLilly and a wonderful group of young dancers from Patel Conservatory as the youthful Garland Dance like Corp de Ballet.
Originally from Japan then studied in London, Nanako is here in Tampa. Thanks to Don Tolj and the New Tampa Dance Theatre.  She was a joy to work with and handled the difficulties of this new part amazingly well. Part of the mission of the Gaspar Ballet is to seek out and involve talented dancers from the Tampa Bay area.
Making this event as community involved as possible.
Today was certainly an example of how that can work so very well.
My Best
The Traveling BalletMaster

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