Youngest Guest Blogger

Hi All
Please enjoy the blog below about GASPAR my Pirate Ballet. From our youngest guest blogger. Drew Buckley.
My Best The Traveling Ballet Master
My name is Drew Buckley and not only am I in the Gaspar Ballet this year but the charity my Mom and I founded is one the beneficiaries!
Last year I was a little town girl and this year I am a water lily. This is exciting because this year I am able to dance more than I did last year. This is my first year on pointe at my dance conservatory, so i am exited to work with Christopher Fleming and his amazing dancers. I hope in couple or more years I could dance a more advanced part in Gaspar.
I really enjoy being in the ballet because I love watching all the older dancers dance and I think it is a great experience.
The money we make will go towards our charity- Drew’s Shoes. We buy ballet shoes and costumes for children who are in local dance outreach programs.  Please come see the ballet because it is a really a amazing production, the dancers are outstanding, and it is a great ballet for kids all ages.
Love- Drew Buckley

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