Gaspar Day 1

Hi All

Today I woke to the sunny morning skies of Florida and left our beach house with the dancers for our first day of rehearsals. For any of you living up north, that’s all I need to say.

As I have mentioned before The Gaspar Ballet is a community effort. That in mind, you will better understand how my day went…

On our way to the Patel Conservatory we stopped at one of our sponsor’s houses to pick up additional Stage Combat Swords. Arriving at The Patel Conservatory we were greeted by Melissa Stafford and Peter Stark who had set up the next 3 days of rehearsals for us. I taught class to a combination of senior students and my pro dancers. My new Assistant for Gaspar and BalletFleming Dancer, Jane Koorts ran rehearsals. My new Fight Master and BalletFleming Dancer, Dillon Anthony taught all the male dancers how to fight safely.  I had time to meet with Jeanie Piazza who is in charge of all the schedule/programming done at the Straz Performing Arts Center. A very important job considering that the Straz Center is the largest Performing Arts Center south of The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Richard Sanchez the CEO of Advantica Benefits picked up one of our ballerina’s from the airport and myself and the dancers finished the day with a cook out on the beach for dinner.

It would be great to have everyday be this wonderful, no problems everyone helping out and a steak and baked potato to finish the day.

My best

Christopher Fleming/The Traveling Ballet Master









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